Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something a little different

So while doing my daily check of news events on CNN I found this great piece in the Tech section.

Something a little different in the social media world: Reality Tweeting.
Mark Horvath, was once a high paid executive in California. However, he quickly turned homeless drug addict. After finally getting clean, he realized he needed to do something with his life so he roamed homeless tent cities all over and documented his experience via the web on his twitter stream @HardlyNormal.

His Bio section reads "Just a hardly normal guy trying to navigate through an abnormal world by helping others." All by spreading the word through social media. His Twitter brings awareness to issues about poverty and homelessness. It also tells of homeless people he has met. Sad truths in the world today. Twitter informs us of daily events, new products, people's mundane life updates, I'm happy to see it can also keep people updated on the not so great parts of the world and hopefully inspire people to do something about it.

Mark also takes his advocacy a step further. He tapes homeless people's stories and puts them on this website. To put a face to a story has so much more impact. These people are part of our community. Most have just hit a rough patch and are in need of a little help. Mark Horvath is trying to get people to notice that through this new thing hip thing called social media.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tumblr, tumbling, tumbl

So I started a tumblr. Mainly because my sister's tumblr is so cool. It's basically Twitter and a blog in one. Short posts, interesting, links to other websites, pictures. You get the idea. It's awesome.

I feel like it hasn't gained as much popularity as Twitter or regular blogging mainly because people simply haven't discovered it much. But to me, it seems more substantial than a Twitter and not as time consuming as a regular blog. I'm going to try to keep up with it.

Check it out here.
Does anyone else have a tumblr?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And the winner is..........

SUETheTRex . Sue has the best Twitter I have ever seen. Sue is the largest, most complete T-Rex skeleton ever discovered. She lives at the Chicago Field Museum and I really can't get enough of her Twittering. The main reasons I love her Tweets?
1. Sue gives me updates about her life, like what she did that day or who came to see her. And a T-Rex's daily life is never boring.
2. Sue is funny. Whether is be her joking about her short arms or loving meat. Her Tweets always make me laugh.
3. The links she post are actually interesting. Like this one. And this one.
4. Sue makes me want to go see her at the Museum. I have actually seen before I started following her. She was cool then but now, even cooler. I can't wait to go back.
5. I imagine some 20 something PR girl writing these every day. She must have so much fun thinking like a T-Rex. It makes me want a job where I can Tweet all day. I never thought I would say that.
So when it comes to Tweeting, it doesn't all have to be informative, or selling a product, building your network, or showing off your stuff. Sometimes it can just be fun and entertaining, nothing more than that. This is the type of Twitter I like.
Does anyone else have fun Twitterers you follow?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How great is social media?

My daily routine for getting on the internet:
Twitter (ever since we had to for class)

So while browsing CNN I saw an article on social media and class. Check it out here.
After reading it it got me thinking. How affective is Facebook advertising, blogs, Twitter, Myspace. Certain demographics tend to be on Facebook and a different demographic is on MySpace, according to the article. Like any other way of advertising or getting media attention, you have to be aware of who you are reaching. I think the hard part of social media is that people assume everyone is a part of it. While I am part of the world that checks Facebook and Twitter daily, others are not. Maybe your key audience doesn't even know how Twitter works!

The point is, like with many other things, it sounds wonderful. A quick way to reach millions of people quickly, but according to this it is a very specific type of people. PR, advertisers, and marketers should be aware of the type of social media they use and the people they are going to be reaching. You might not be getting to all different demographics you want.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Twitter,

How I love thee. You keep me informed of things I never even know existed, direct me to sites I've never seen before, and communicate with all different types of people. I'm currently following people around the country, from my class, friends, groups, you name it. The quality posts left by these people excite me. I can sit and follow these people and their links all day. In fact, last night you distracted me from studying for WAY to long. But man, was I loving you last night. The things I learn about PR, new products, the news, and everyday happenings of people make me feel like part of the loop. I love being able to share things I have seen and heard about or done with my friends. The things you have done for PR are remarkable. Once something is on Twitter, it spreads like wildfire, which is usually good for us PR folk. You amaze me with the power you have over our lives. You are able to suck us in, convincing us to constantly check for updates from our favorite Tweeters. Most of the time I don't get why you work so well, how people have time to Tweet so much, posting such interactive Tweets, but its better to not ask questions in situations like these. Please don't stop amazing me. With me, you, and the rest of the world together, I know we can do great things.

Love Jenny.

Dear Twitter,
Oh how I hate you. Who has time to constantly check Twitter for updates and links. I have so many other things to do, but for some reason you think it's important for me to hang out with you for hours on end. It's like I can't get away from you. Everyone who's anyone has a Twitter. They want you to know everything they have seen, done, and heard all day, every day. Who cares? I don't want to know what you had breakfast, or that you're sitting in class. Sometimes the Tweets people tweet relating to interesting websites and posts on the internet are good, but then I get sucked in. I end up spending WAY to much time surfing the 'net because of you. You will probably be the reason for my poor test grades this week. Are you going to make it up to me somehow?
To be recognized, to get a job, to sell an idea, I have to have you? What happened to good old face to face contact? What happened to tradition interviews and resumes? What happened to regular word of mouth and email.
I don't want my future boss to have to read about my daily doings. I don't even want to have to read that. Please stop making me feel like I have to be a part of you. I want out of this relationship but you are making it very hard. Maybe someday we can be friends, but not just yet.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Writing Means to Me

To me, writing is a great way to express yourself. You can say whatever you want, in whatever way, in any form. You write for everything. My problem with writing, however, is not getting the right words out. I've realized I have lots to say and want to say it perfectly, but sometimes it just doesn't sound good. Writing for me is a challenge, but is worth it when you finally get it right.
Example: That just took my way longer than it should have.
ADPR 4600 About Me
What’s your full name? Jennifer Ellen Mays
Were you named after anyone? no
Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it? Jenny
What’s your astrological sign? Libra
Are you a morning person or a night owl? night
Do you wish on stars? sometimes
Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? no
Do you have tattoos ? no
What do you do most often when you are bored? watch tv
Donkey or Elephant or Neither? neither
What makes you angry? people who chew loudly
What did you do last night? watched Star Trek outside
What frightens you? getting hit by a car
How many keys are on your key ring? 2
What do you do to relax? read/workout
Do you believe in superstitions? no
Have you attended a church or religious event outside of your own? yes
Name a foreign language that you know. a little Spanish
Name three things most people don’t know about you. I like to sew, I wish I had my own garden, I'm expecting something in the mail
Family, Pets, & Friends
Do you have any siblings? yes, 3
Who is your best friend in high school? Sullivan
Do/did you have any pets? yes, a dog
Cat person or dog person? dog
Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? my mom
What states have you been to? Everywhere but Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma
What countries have you been to? Spain
In how many states have you lived? 1
When is the last time did you take a train? Easter
What do you like to eat for breakfast? eggs
What is your favorite food? anything you would eat at brunch
What foods do you dislike? cilantro, olives
What ethnic food do you like and dislike? I'm not picky, I like whatever
What is your favorite chip flavor? sour cream and onion
What is your favorite sandwich? Ham, cheese, brown mustard, cucumber
What is your favorite drink? lemonade
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate
What’s your favorite salad dressing? balsamic vinaigrette
Plain, buttered or salted popcorn? buttered
What’s your favorite pie? my mom's apple pie
What’s your favorite fast food place? taco bell
Which Harry Potter characters are you? Hermione
What was the last film you saw at the cinema?Julie and Julia
What is your favorite TV show? Mad Men
Last book you read. Harry Potter 6
What picture is on your computer wallpaper? a picture of my high school friends
What is your ring tone? vibrate
What are three favorite songs on your iPod?
Do you have a Facebook page? yes
Do you have a Twitter account? yes
Do you have a blog? yes
Where would you retire to? The beach
If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Europe
Would you ever bungee jump? Skydive? yes bungee jump, no skydive
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? kelly green