Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something a little different

So while doing my daily check of news events on CNN I found this great piece in the Tech section.

Something a little different in the social media world: Reality Tweeting.
Mark Horvath, was once a high paid executive in California. However, he quickly turned homeless drug addict. After finally getting clean, he realized he needed to do something with his life so he roamed homeless tent cities all over and documented his experience via the web on his twitter stream @HardlyNormal.

His Bio section reads "Just a hardly normal guy trying to navigate through an abnormal world by helping others." All by spreading the word through social media. His Twitter brings awareness to issues about poverty and homelessness. It also tells of homeless people he has met. Sad truths in the world today. Twitter informs us of daily events, new products, people's mundane life updates, I'm happy to see it can also keep people updated on the not so great parts of the world and hopefully inspire people to do something about it.

Mark also takes his advocacy a step further. He tapes homeless people's stories and puts them on this website. To put a face to a story has so much more impact. These people are part of our community. Most have just hit a rough patch and are in need of a little help. Mark Horvath is trying to get people to notice that through this new thing hip thing called social media.

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