Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Twitter,

How I love thee. You keep me informed of things I never even know existed, direct me to sites I've never seen before, and communicate with all different types of people. I'm currently following people around the country, from my class, friends, groups, you name it. The quality posts left by these people excite me. I can sit and follow these people and their links all day. In fact, last night you distracted me from studying for WAY to long. But man, was I loving you last night. The things I learn about PR, new products, the news, and everyday happenings of people make me feel like part of the loop. I love being able to share things I have seen and heard about or done with my friends. The things you have done for PR are remarkable. Once something is on Twitter, it spreads like wildfire, which is usually good for us PR folk. You amaze me with the power you have over our lives. You are able to suck us in, convincing us to constantly check for updates from our favorite Tweeters. Most of the time I don't get why you work so well, how people have time to Tweet so much, posting such interactive Tweets, but its better to not ask questions in situations like these. Please don't stop amazing me. With me, you, and the rest of the world together, I know we can do great things.

Love Jenny.

Dear Twitter,
Oh how I hate you. Who has time to constantly check Twitter for updates and links. I have so many other things to do, but for some reason you think it's important for me to hang out with you for hours on end. It's like I can't get away from you. Everyone who's anyone has a Twitter. They want you to know everything they have seen, done, and heard all day, every day. Who cares? I don't want to know what you had breakfast, or that you're sitting in class. Sometimes the Tweets people tweet relating to interesting websites and posts on the internet are good, but then I get sucked in. I end up spending WAY to much time surfing the 'net because of you. You will probably be the reason for my poor test grades this week. Are you going to make it up to me somehow?
To be recognized, to get a job, to sell an idea, I have to have you? What happened to good old face to face contact? What happened to tradition interviews and resumes? What happened to regular word of mouth and email.
I don't want my future boss to have to read about my daily doings. I don't even want to have to read that. Please stop making me feel like I have to be a part of you. I want out of this relationship but you are making it very hard. Maybe someday we can be friends, but not just yet.


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