Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How great is social media?

My daily routine for getting on the internet:
Twitter (ever since we had to for class)

So while browsing CNN I saw an article on social media and class. Check it out here.
After reading it it got me thinking. How affective is Facebook advertising, blogs, Twitter, Myspace. Certain demographics tend to be on Facebook and a different demographic is on MySpace, according to the article. Like any other way of advertising or getting media attention, you have to be aware of who you are reaching. I think the hard part of social media is that people assume everyone is a part of it. While I am part of the world that checks Facebook and Twitter daily, others are not. Maybe your key audience doesn't even know how Twitter works!

The point is, like with many other things, it sounds wonderful. A quick way to reach millions of people quickly, but according to this it is a very specific type of people. PR, advertisers, and marketers should be aware of the type of social media they use and the people they are going to be reaching. You might not be getting to all different demographics you want.

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